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Mod sets

This page contains links to a number of mod sets to the LEM which have been provided by other users of the LEM. If you have any mod sets you think others might find useful, or spot a bug in the code, then we would encourage you to share them - simply click on the contacts tab above and send us an e-mail.

The mod sets on this page are broadly catagorized into the following; Physics mods, Diagnostic mods and Correction sets


Correction Sets

This provides a list of correction sets for the LEM. These contain bug fixes or improvements to the portability of the LEM. Several sets are linked for different versions of the LEM. The most recent (at the top of each list) supercedes any older sets.

Version 2.4

fix_homogeneous_freezing_2.4.f 19/04/2007: Uses a more realistic value (10 microns) for the diameter of cloud droplets which undergo homogeneous freezing.

fix_movnc_2.4.f 13/12/2006: Makes variables written as reals through netcdf routines as correct kind (was previously dependent on compiler options)

fix_prevp_2.4.f 13/12/2006: Corrects evaporation of small amounts of rain which wasn't previously implimented properly.

fix_senhfdg_2.4.f 13/12/2006: Fixes SENHF, LATHF, UFLUX and VFLUX timeseries diagnostics, which were calculated using RHON(1) density rather than RHO(1).

fix_aggreg_2.4.f 26/09/2006: Fixes a missing factor of 1/8 in representations of aggregation processes for rain, snow and ice.

fix_pdgs1_2.4.f 30/08/2006: Fix for missing index at PDGS.164

Version 2.3.2

c232_s1.f (README) 01/08/2005

Version 2.3

c230Nov02_APL.f (README) 01/04/2003


Physics Mods


Diagnostic Mods